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We’re back as an all-new subscriber-only digital magazine. We build on our legacy of quality and independent journalism, expressed now in new formats. Every month we offer a feature-length documentary film or a work of longform reportage; an essay, podcasts, weekly editorials, and exclusive newsletters on climate change, history, and international relations. We will also publish an original work of fiction every month, a section we intend to curate as a genre-agnostic space to discover new voices.

Fountain Ink is an award-winning long-form monthly. Since we started in November 2011, we have covered virtually everything, from politics to literature, history to culture and science, applied and theoretical, in reportage that goes far beyond the news report.

Our investigative stories on gun running on the Ganga, the drug trade, uncovering the ISIS networks in India, the profile of the stalker and how the papaya crop was saved will give you an idea of the sort of reportage we do and intend to keep doing.

Our reportage has been republished by Courier International in France and Portugal, Internazionale in Italy and Reportagen in Switzerland among others.


Fountain Ink

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