The project was started in 2007 while we were travelling across Uttar Pradesh, which has the most cases of violence against women in the country. This is a continuing project. The images are from UP, Rajasthan, Delhi, Jharkhand, and Mum - bai. It is an ode to women from all backgrounds saluting their courage in the face of the abuse that is part of their daily lives and to create a dialogue on violence against women. A woman’s choice of education, career and marriage are challenged and compromised because she is a woman. She is expected to shoulder various responsibilities, looking after household work, siblings, elder care, and work in the field. The situation does not change, whether in an urban or rural setting. Raped, maimed, forced to bear multiple children, subjected to abuse and mental torture, these women still struggle to hold on to some semblance of normalcy on the fringes of society. And while the Domestic Violence Bill, the Sexual Harassment Bill, and the enforcement of basic human rights are reviewed and often upheld by courts, its effects are slow to permeate the grass - roots. The local authorities—namely the police and the sar - panch (village headman)—routinely ignore the complaints of abused women. Facing oppression from members of the upper castes, moneylenders and their own families and spouses, they hope their children will lead better lives. Cases of abuse against women are rampant throughout India. Thousands of women battle domestic violence, discrimi - nation, acid attacks, sexual abuse and mental torture every day. Survival comes at the cost of forgetting the pain and sub - jecting themselves to such conditions. The photo documentation portrays the grit and glory of these women who constantly hope for an improved tomorrow.
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